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Nursing Home Found Negligent in Auto Accident

When the pressures to lower cost and properly supervise residents collide, nursing homes are all too often become the source of accidents resulting from negligence. In a more unusual case, however,  a Central Texas family was awarded $16.7 million following a suit against the Tarrant County based Senior Living Properties nursing home, which allegedly neglected to prevent an employee from leaving her workplace while intoxicated. The nursing home employee, 43 year old Alisa Prueitt, was several times the legal limit when she was involved in an auto accident that claimed the life of 37 year old Sam Graham.

Graham is survived by his wife, daughter, and son, the former of which spoke out this past February 4th, shortly after the Fort Worth jury reached its verdict. “This was never about money…It was about getting answers. It was about right is right and wrong is wrong. I didn’t want my husband’s life swept under a rug.”

For the charges of intoxication assault and manslaughter, nursing home employee Alisa Prueitt received a sentence of 28 years in prison. The Texas Department of Public Safety reported that her BAC was approximately .40%, far above the maximum legal BAC of .08%.

In the suit, Laura Brown, the attorney representing Graham’s family, emphasized Senior Living Properties negligence, court documents show. On two separate occasions, both several months before the deadly crash, Prueitt was reportedly drunk during her shift at the nursing home, unable to continue work or to safely drive from the workplace. Although the nursing home’s stated policy is to test those suspected of illegal or inappropriate drug usage, Senior Living neglected to test Prueitt for both of the infractions.

On the day of the accident, when Prueitt again arrived at the nursing home for her shift drunk, her supervisor sent her home, again with no drug or alcohol tests conducted.  Although the charge nurse and other supervisors later told investigators that she was sent home because she appeared tired, both before and after the accident, Prueitt made comments regarding her own intoxication; prior to the accident she left a voicemail with an acquaintance, remarking that she was sent home because of her drunkenness. Shortly after the accident, Prueitt also told a hospital employee that she was sent home, again for the same reason.

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