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Family Tragedy Dallas Auto Accident

oak-cliff-wreckOn Wednesday, May 13, 2015 a tragic accident occurred in Oak Cliff, Dallas Texas on 10th Street   taking the lives of three people.  Dallas police confirmed that the driver of a SUV was traveling northbound on South Waverly Drive when the driver of the SUV struck a parked vehicle and then crashed into a house near the 1800 block of West 10th Street.

The Dallas police stated that the three people in the SUV were family members and that there were no survivors.  They were identified as Lucinda Rosas De Esparza, Evelina Maltos, and Paul Maltos.

The family of the deceased were heartbroken by the accident.  It is unknown regarding how the accident happened.

In my law practice, I’m commonly confronted with tragic situations like this.  A single car accident and surviving family members not knowing what to do next.  Tragically, sometimes the driver of the vehicle is at fault for the accident and the passengers of the vehicle do have a right to collect a settlement for their damages as the result of the driver’s negligence.  The law in Texas does allow a family member to pursue a claim against another family member who was driving the vehicle if they can prove negligence by the driver.  This can be very uncomfortable for family members however my office will assist the family with a thorough investigation of the case to confirm that no outside parties are responsible for the accident.  If it turns out that the driver/ family member was negligent  at the time of the accident, my office can still assist the passengers regarding their claim against the family member/driver’s insurance company to settle their personal injury claim.  The law allows the passengers the right to pursue claims for medical bills, mental anguish and physical pain, physical impairment and lost wages in the past and what will likely happen in the future. This can be accomplished without litigation.

To protect your claim against a negligent party in a car accident, it is important to speak to an experienced attorney as soon as possible.   Our attorneys can answer your questions and immediately begin documenting the injuries and damages sustained in the accident.  Timing is important.   The earlier the legal representation is engaged, the better the chances of properly documenting and protecting the claim.

If you have any questions regarding what your rights are if you are involved in a motor vehicle or any other accident,  please call my Bedford Office located at 312 Harwood Rd, telephone number (817) 332-1522.

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