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How Much is My Claim Worth?

The short answer is that your claim is worth what a jury would award you if you tried your case in court. Of course, most injury claims do not reach the court house.  At our office, we do not recommend our client to settle until they have completed their medical care and their future medical needs are understood.  Then at that point in time, the insurance company must offer a settlement that is comparable to what a jury would likely award you.  If they fail to make you a fair offer, we will advise you to reject the offer and file suit if necessary. Some of the damages you can collect regarding your injury claim include

  1. Medical bills
  2. Lost wages
  3. Mental anguish
  4. Physical pain and suffering.
  5. Physical impairment.
  6. Disfigurement

The value of your case is the total amount that a jury could award you for all of these damages.  That is why it is vital to retain an experienced trial lawyer that knows what a jury will likely award you with your particular case.  Any claims adjuster that tries to tell you what your claim is worth immediately after your accident is simply misleading you.  We do not honestly know the value of your case for two months, six months, or even longer if you’ve suffered a serious injury.  In short, every case is different, and only an experienced trial lawyer, like myself, can advise you what is fair regarding your case.

I don’t have medical insurance to pay for treatment, can your office help? 

You are not alone if you do not have insurance to pay your medical bills.  Over 50 million Americans have no medical insurance. However, my office can still help you.  Our office works with a network of dedicated doctors who will agree to treat you now, and not expect payment until your claim is settled. This network includes chiropractors, medical doctors, and surgeons. All of these doctors are concerned that you receive the medical care you need to treat your injuries.  Additionally, your medical care will document your disability to the insurance company, without medical care you cannot get a fair settlement.  This network of medical providers that work with my office also include therapists, MRI facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies.

This doctors will also march with us to the courthouse to prove your injuries if necessary.  Many doctors will simply not do this. They do not want to get involved with lawyers and insurance companies, they do not want to take the time or endure the inconvenience of depositions and testifying in court.  So even if you have no insurance, you can still receive quality medical care if you retain my office.  Our primary concern is that you receive the medical care you need to treat your injuries. My next concern is that we collect the medical evidence necessary to prove the extent of your injuries so you can get a fair settlement.  So call me, or email me today for your free consultation.

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