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Texas Law on Car Headlights

car-headlights-picture One of the most important tools we have to utilize on our cars are the lights, which is a tool some people do not use correctly. Almost everyone does well at using their lights at night, but when sunset begins or when the weather is gloomy some drivers forget to use their lights properly. This neglectful act can lead to serious vehicle accidents. According the Texas Transportation Code, there is a statute that states,

(a) A vehicle shall display each lighted lamp and illuminating device required by this chapter to be on the vehicle:
(1) at nighttime; and
(2) when light is insufficient or atmospheric conditions are unfavorable so that a person or vehicle on the highway is not clearly discernible at a distance of 1,000 feet ahead.

Generally, the law requires drivers to have headlights on at nighttime thirty minutes after sunset and thirty minutes before sunrise. When the day consists of bad weather, it will give the driver a hard time to see ahead. The law also describes that if the driver cannot see 1,000 feet clearly, then the driver must turn on all of their lights excluding their blinders. Some may not choose to turn on their headlights because they find that there is enough ambient light avoid turning their lights on. A general tip for this topic is to turn on the lights whenever one feels that their view of the road is too dark. Also, if one believes other drivers may not be able to see you, then turn on the headlights.

Another reason why drivers hesitate to put their headlights on is because they believe the lights will run their battery or electrical system down faster. This belief is not true. To clarify the confusion, every car’s electrical system is designed to operate all of the electronic devices in the vehicle. On the other hand, a car battery serves the purpose of starting the car and powering the electrical devises when the car engine is off. Now, when the car is running the alternator is providing power to the car.

Aside from using the headlights when necessary, it is essential to maintain the lights as much as possible. Some ways to maintain the lights would be to check and change the light bulbs regularly, have the lights inspected once a year, and clean the headlights when they are covered with dirt.

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