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Sideswipe Accidents

sideswipe-picture What is a sideswipe car accident?

A sideswipe car accident is when two vehicles going in the same direction collide into each other. The severity of these accidents can depend on the surroundings of the area, how fast the cars were traveling, and the impact of the collision. These accidents can start out as a minor collision, but sometimes they can be fatal. In 2016, the Insurance Information Institute concluded sideswipe accidents consisted of 2.7% of fatal crashes that year. For example, a car that quickly swerved into the next lane sideswiping another vehicle. The force of the impact is so strong that the vehicle collides with other cars or a barrier that causes significant injuries for the driver.

Some of the injuries can include:

• Neck injuries,
• Shoulder problems,
• Soft tissue injuries,
• Head injuries, such as concussions, and
• Other minor injuries sustained from the accident

How are sideswipe car accidents caused?

Most of the time these accidents involved distracted driving or failing to yield to the right of way. Distracted driving is common amongst drivers especially young drivers and blind spots. They may become distracted by focusing on a phone, looking up directions, or paying attention to passengers. Blind spots most often cause these accidents because the driver can’t see the vehicle next to them to determine if it is okay to move to the next lane. Another cause of these accidents can include speed drivers. These drivers cause collisions when they maneuver through lanes misjudging other driver’s movements. Failure to yield is frequent when drivers neglect the sign, don’t know how to obey a sign on a roundabout, and not looking in all directions of the road before proceeding to move forward.

The two described causes are not the only scenarios for sideswipe accidents. Other scenarios include drivers falling asleep at the wheel or road rage. These accidents commonly occur at night if a driver has been on the road too long or consumes a substance that impairs their cognitive skills. An example of a road rage scenario happened in Dallas in April earlier this year. Two cars collided on the interstate in northeast Dallas. After the sideswipe accident, one of the drivers stepped out of the car with a weapon in his hand to attack the other driver. The man with the weapon eventually fled the scene. This is an extreme example of how conflictual these accidents can be.

What can be done to prevent this type of accident?

Some preventable methods include some of the same tips for blind spot prevention. Those tips include the following:

1. Check both directions before moving forward or merging onto another lane.
2. Be sure to yield before entering a busy highway or road.
3. Don’t misjudge available clearance. If it is questionable about how much space there is in between cars, it may be best to stay in the designated lane or maneuver over until there is ample space for your car.

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