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Blind Spot Accidents: Can the Driver See You?

blind-spot-image One of the helpful tips we learn about in driver’s education is to check for blind spots and how to avoid them. Sometimes it’s a risk we ignore while driving until we nearly collide with another vehicle. Some of the most common blind spot accidents involve the driver not checking their surroundings before merging onto another lane and not adjusting their mirrors to see the blind spot as much as possible. We’ll discuss some ways on how to avoid an accident due to blind spots.

But first, what is a blind spot?

A blind spot is an area around your vehicle that is not viewable from the driver’s view. Individuals who drive SUVs, large trucks, or vans are the ones who experience significant blind spots. When they are not able to see smaller cars in their view, the likelihood of an accident happening increases. It is important to understand the dangers of blind spots and how to prevent them from being the cause of an accident. Here is a chart showing the blind spots for the driver of a car:


The first thing to consider is to be alert. We tend to lose alertness when we drive on a usual route or when we drive on a path with low traffic. Even though one may drive in an area an individual is comfortable with; it does not mean the individual should neglect to check their surroundings, which leads to the next consideration.
The second way to avoid a blind spot accident is to check your surroundings. This reminder is most helpful when a driver is on the highway. It is essential to continuously monitor your surroundings when you want to merge to another lane. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 840,000 accidents happen yearly due to drivers not checking for other drivers.

The third way is to utilize the car amenities. Today, cars have effective controls in the interior of the vehicle to assist the driver with situations like this, such as, adjusting the seat to get a better view of the surroundings. Also, the driver can use the cameras to look at areas they can’t see well, and most importantly, they can adjust the mirrors.

Lastly, a driver should note that if they are driving behind large cars or commercial trucks, be mindful of your driving around that vehicle. It is best to not drive too closely to the vehicle or merge onto their lane in front or behind them with little space to adjust their speed. If you wish to merge onto their lane, do so with at least two car lengths of space so they can be aware of your movements as well. The chart shows the blind spots of a semitrailer truck in relation to cars around him. The red areas are blind spots to the semitrailer truck driver. Be aware of these specific areas where the semitrailer truck driver cannot see you.


Blind spot tips are easily forgetful as we become experienced drivers. However, it is a driver’s duty to practice these safe driving practices. If an accident occurs that results in litigation, jurors will be instructed that it is the driver’s job to drive as a reasonably prudent driver would under the same or similar circumstances.
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