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It’s Time to Ride: Motorcycle Accident Prevention

motorcycle-picture In 2017, James Burton, an author for Worldatlas rated Texas as the third highest state, with a number of 443,856 registered motorcyclists. Many of these motorists choose to drive a motorcycle because of the purchase price compared to a four-door vehicle, affordable fuel costs, and the enjoyment of riding along on the motorcycle-friendly roads. The unfortunate factor of motorcycles, like unlike four-door cars, is they are more susceptible to experience a more serious vehicle accident. Motorists tend to use more speed on the roads to bypass traffic. Some motorists like to test their skills on the road, such as doing tricks while riding or zipping through lanes on the highway underestimating vehicles getting in their way. For example, earlier this summer a motorcycle driver died after a collision. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the motorcycle driver drove across three lanes colliding with another vehicle, and lastly, he hit a concrete barrier.
These accidents have the potential to be fatal because motorcycles lack the exterior steel frame, seat belts, and air bags. Since the motorist does not have these protections, they are more likely to experience serious injuries compared to the other driver involved. Some common injuries include extensive head/brain injuries, broken bones, burn marks from the pavement, and soft tissue injuries.
Regardless of the bias against motorcycles, they are not bad vehicles to invest in. However, there are some precautionary measures the riders should take into consideration as they are maneuvering through the roads, such as:

1. Slow down. The first and most important tip is to reduce your speed. Many accidents happen due to the motorcycle rider going above the speed limit to bypass traffic. The risk of speeding can cause the driver to miss any debris on the road that could turn the vehicle unexpectedly. Another risk is underestimating another vehicle merging to another lane when the rider believes the driver will remain in their original lane.

2. Do not ride in between moving vehicles. Motorcycle riders tend to feel invincible on the road because their vehicle has the power to accelerate faster than a four-door vehicle. Thus, the rider should not drive in between cars because the other driver could potentially merge or pull out in front of the rider.

3. Leave ample space between the rider and the motorist while driving. A common cause for accidents involving motorcycle riders is they drive too close behind a vehicle. Therefore, they don’t have enough time to brake to prevent a collision.

4. Don’t drink and drive. All motorists should abide by this rule especially bike riders. It takes balance and coordination to maneuver a bike correctly. Alcohol and substance abuse can diminish the driver’s cognitive skills to drive safely.

The precautionary measures listed above are just a few of the many tips the driver needs to be mindful of while driving a bike.

Even though motorcyclists face bias from insurance companies, it is important to encourage motorcycle drivers to contact an attorney to determine the value of their case. Eric Reyes is an experienced attorney in this area of practice. As a Board Certified attorney in Civil Law and Personal Injury Trial Law and with 30+ years of experience, he is aware of the many arguments opposing counsel can argue against a motorcycle rider. He and his litigation team are well-equipped to handle a difficult motorcycle accident lawsuit. If you or a loved one experienced this type of accident, please give our office a call at (817) 332-1522.

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